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Let's take a walk, get a coffee or a beer, skype, or facetime.  Let's talk about the issues you are facing in your ministry.  This is a safe place to have honest conversation with someone who has worked in a myriad of ministry venues: over-sees missions, campus ministry, youth ministry, pastoral ministry, music ministry.

Name, Title

What's your story?

Let's get started with a


over the phone.

Do you need to bounce ideas around with a neutral party?

Do you need to vent about your ministry struggles?

Do you need someone other than your spouse to vent with?

Do you want more out of your ministry?

Do you think there is more to your job than what it currently seems.

Are you struggling with vision casting?

Are you struggling with motivation?

Are you stuck in a ministry rut?

Do you need a confession booth?

Are you discouraged?

Are you unsure where to take your congregation next?

Is your congregation shrinking?

Is your congregation changing faster than you can keep up with?

Are you unsure about the future of your church?

Are you jaded with your faith?  Do you want more?

Do you want less?

I can help you.  Anywhere from simply being a listening ear to offering a strategic vision-casting session, I can help you move your ministry forward.  Let me be an encouraging guide in these changing times. 


I can help you communicate to the boomer generation while giving you the personalized tools to engage with millennials.


What's your story?  I want to help.

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