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Liberating Religious People from the Anxieties of Religion

Liberating Secular People from the Anxieties of Secularism



Haven for Burned-out Ministry Leaders 

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Grace + Peace

Jim Lovelady is an artist-musician-liturgist-pastor who loves the power of Story in all of its forms but especially in music.  Hailing from Texas, he and his wife, Lori and their 3 kids live in Philadelphia where he has had the opportunity to work with many wonderful artists and musicians on projects of varied mediums and genres as they tell stories that shape, challenge and inspire people to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a worship and pastoral ministry consultant, Jim works to encourage and empower worship leaders to use their talents to help churches express their love for Jesus and seek gospel formation in the people of God, for the life of the world.

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Rev. Jim Lovelady

Host of Grace at the Fray, the podcast of Serge Global

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